Ruins of Time at the Crypt Gallery

LME Project
Entrance to the Crypt of St Pancras Church, London
Entrance to the Crypt of St Pancras Church, London


The project ‘Ruins of Time / The Crypt’ was the first in the LME series of projects exploring the passage of time and its specific expression in the architecture of the site.

Engaged in a collaborative process, the LME artists responded to the Crypt of St Pancras Church, London through their works and performances, taking into consideration the specific, historical, architectural and sacral aspects of this site, and its connection to the present, focusing on ideas revolving around time, space and place. Other ideas treated included the connection between location and dislocation, memory and re-visitation, sight and site, disorientation, dissociation and re-finding, and also between destruction, ruins and ‘ruins in reverse’.

The exhibition at Crypt Gallery, St Pancras Church, London (25 – 30.11.2015) offered the public multi-focal and multicultural views of place, time and transience, from both British and German perspectives, with the further aim of continuing the dialogue in subsequent LME group exhibitions.


This project was funded by the City of Munich Department of Arts and Culture.

To see images of the exhibition please go to Crypt Show.