“Winter, English Garden” is part three of the “Ruins of Time” project, organized by LME (London – Munich Exchange) exploring the passage of time and its specific expression in the architecture of a site, place or landscape.

Orangerie, the venue of the upcoming exhibition, is a unique location in a huge park (called ‘Englischer Garten’, known as ‘the first people’s garden on the continent’ and one of the biggest architectural city parks in the world), situated in the heart of Munich, and has been used for art exhibitions and projects since time immemorial.

The title ‘Winter, English Garden’ has been deliberately chosen, as it allows the winter themes ‘decay’, ‘end time’ and ‘death’ to be combined with the dreamlike stillness and purity of a snowy landscape. The English Garden, as a site in the broader sense, and the winter time of the event bring together these concepts and themes, revolving around time passing and ruins, in conjunction with – or opposed to – the ideas of immaterial beauty, dream time, emptiness and timelessness.

Whilst it bursts with life and blooms with thousands of flowers in summer, the garden now stands still, frozen in a moment, as if defying death.

The participants are 12 artists from London, Munich and New York, whose works deal with the themes outlined above. Engaged in a collaborative process, the LME artists will respond to Winter and the English Garden in Munich through their works and performances, taking into consideration the specific aspects of this landscape-site, in historical, cultural and contemporary terms. It is fitting that the name of the Munich site is the English Garden, which underlines the connectedness of the LME participants all the more.

Location: Orangerie, Englischer Garten 1a, 80538 München
Time: 22 February 2018 – 5 March 2018

Eleonora Bourmistrov, organization
Milena Michalski, editorial management


Englisher Garten
Maps (south part of the English Garden with the Orangerie under 22) (north part)
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