What are the ruins of time?

Time is an abstract concept, whereas ruins are concrete structures that were once complete and have fallen into dereliction. The combination of these two implies that something as abstract as time falls into disrepair or decay, and that we can perceive this.

But how can we perceive this?

This is the question, in response to which 13 artists from Great Britain and Germany present their answers. Be it through the direct approach of addressing the passage of time and death in humans, architecture or nature, be it as a desire to rebuild a new life from remnants of the past in a piece of artwork; whether in the form of a narrative telling the story of a fragment, or by subtly exploring trace and memory; interpreted as a degenerative process, as abstract timelines, or even as a provocative questioning of the origin and whereabouts of the ruins – the approaches are as diverse as the artists’ cultural backgrounds. The place, where this mysterious creativity is evolving, is one of the most fascinating London locations, the Crypt of St Pancras Church, which in itself is an excellent example of preserved ruins.

As time passes – what remains?